Potluck Tonight and June Calendar.

Potluck tonight, Tuesday, May 30th at 6:30pm!!

Join us for our monthly community potluck.

Meet collective members, pitch your event, break bread with us, learn how to get involved with the RZH.

Bring your favorite thing to share.

Copies of the June calendar will also be on hand. More info on that below!

June Calendar!

Please share widely (or grab some at the space distro in your community!) <3

Find updates and the text version on our events page here.


--Join our RZH outreach team!
Like RZH and want to make sure it continues to grow?
Can you take a few copies of our monthly calendar and leave them around spaces in your community? Maybe help us table for an hour?
Let us know! We'd love to have you join us.
Just reply to this email or stop by the space and we'll give you the details.

--We are looking for monthly donors to cover our rent increase.
Our roof needs to be replaced. We are looking for 60 people to donate $10 a month. Can you help?

Current status:
$495 is covered by monthly donations - Thank you! <3
We need $600 every month to cover our upcoming rent increase.
Become a supporter here.