**Potluck cancelled!** July Calendar. Volunteer at RZH!

Lots of updates to share with you!

**Tonight's potluck (6/27) is cancelled due to health issues.**
COVID is still alive and well. Please be safe.
Also, please keep Peter in your thoughts.

Related- We need to grow capacity and would benefit from some more supporters of the Rhizome House joining us in this important work of running a radical social center!

We are opening up our weekly open hours to allow for volunteers to help us out! Even just showing up and being present is great.

You can find our more and sign up here:

You can also just drop in, typically Sundays 1-4pm.

Spread the word about new weekly event at RZH - Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Safer Use Society is a weekly alternative recovery meeting for folks who may find that traditional 12 Step programs don’t work for them. All are welcome including those still actively using.

Currently scheduled every Wednesday. Follow our website/social media for updates.

July Calendar is here:

Please share widely (or grab some at the space to distro in your community!) <3

Find updates and the text version on our events page here.

**Special Event - Saturday, July 1st at 5pm**

Northeast Ohio IWW screening of Shout Youngstown a labor documentary that examines the closing of three major steel plants in Youngstown, Ohio, between 1976 and 1980, showing the social and human costs of this tragedy through interviews with steelworkers, their families and friends, labor attorneys, local union leaders and community activists.


--We are looking for monthly donors to cover our rent increase.
Our roof needs to be replaced. We are looking for 60 people to donate $10 a month. Can you help? We are SUPER close!!!

Current status:
$522 is covered by monthly donations - Thank you! <3
We need $600 every month to cover our upcoming rent increase.

Become a supporter here.